Industry Standards

Our founder has been in the industry for 39+ years and has ran and consulted for some of the biggest shops.


Eric “Evel” Mintz is the C.E.O. and main Technician/Applications specialist for the company

Applied Print Dynamics LLC. Eric has been involved in the Screen print/Graphics/Fashion Industry since 1985. Eric Believes that the Customer support on all aspects of this industry will help the customer build the fundamentals of running their own business.

Eric has worked and advanced in all aspects of this industry from basics like machine operation to Art concept, design to complete fulfillment to the final customers. Eric held the title as one of the top simulated process separation Artist and was contracted by the Walt Disney companies to do the separations for the graphics on the clothing. The “mechanical side” of the equipment came easy since Eric has built racing cars and motorcycles since a very young age. 

Eric also spent many years doing consulting for “start up” and existing companies to improve work flow through their shops.

Back in the early 90’s Eric had worked close with QCM and Wilflex inks to help create the vintage soft hand inks and other specialty inks to work with hi-density looks and a “whipped cream” type of effect. The printing that Eric has done was for top fashion companies to the likes of South Pole, Echo wear, BcBg to name a few of the big fashion lines. Eric also did high production contract printing for many companies that needed efficiency and speed with hi-quality. The pre production work was top notch as named by Hal Sandler owner of RPI and Irving Azoff owner formerly of Giant Merchandising.

Thru out the years Eric has designed many ways to work in production to make companies Run efficiently and to help train management to control their employees.

Eric worked with M&R equipment for many years  learning the basics mechanically. Eric then started with M&R in 2018 as the lead technician for the Digital Squeegee and also did the textile install for the DS units. Eric worked with engineers of CN Top to improve the quality of the DS Machines. Eric specialized in DS 4000, DS1500 when it was manufactured and also the original DS 2000. The knowledge and skill set of Eric has way surpassed the expectations of many companies. His quality of work is what keeps customers to ask for him to return when they are in need of machine install/repair, training, and consulting assistance.


Calibrating to top industry standards is key to your success.


Your staff is what will make the difference in succeeding.


Using OEM parts to maintain top quality for your equipment.


Your satisfaction is what keeps us going in top form.