Screenprint support when you need it

We are dedicated to keeping your company running smoothly so you can focus on getting work done.


We keep you running in top performance so you can focus on your Business. We travel world wide.

Tech Services

Repairs and upgrades to your existing equipment to keep you running in top form. APD provides 24/7/365 service. We offer maintenance packages that will fit your needs. We're committed to being where you need us when you need us.


We offer training on all equipment and how to run efficiently to produce the best quality and fastest production possible. We specialize in applications training to help you understand how to make a print job run smoothly.


We can help you in all aspects of this industry. Floor plans, Work Flow and Art support. We can give you a tactical advantage over your competitors.


Complete and in-depth training for your crew in all aspects of the industry.


New and used equipment will be installed with precision


Here at APD we will treat your equipment as if it was our own so you will have reliability and performance.


Looking to expand or just have better work flow? We specialize in making your shop run with top efficiency.

We offer

1-on-1 Guidance 

Need Repairs on your Equipment?

Have our skilled Professionals come out and do all the repairs needed.

Need Help with Pre-Press & Print Setup?

Talk with one of our in-house Pros about some best practices to maximize your efficiencies and end-results with screen printing.


Need Help Managing Your Staff? 

Talk with one of our Account Managers on creating S.O.P's standard operation procedure documentation will help your crew stay organized. 


Set Up or Optimize Your Existing Screen room

Talk with one of our in-house Pros about some best practices for setting up your new screen room or making the most of your existing screen room.

Customize & Update your Equipment

Discuss any interest to modify  and update equipment.


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